Nicki Minaj Reacts To Fake Allegations Made By “Former Assistant”

Nicki Minaj has received her fair share of smear campaigns, which she usually ignores, until now.  An Instagram account claiming to be the “former assistant” of the “Anaconda” artist has made wild allegations about the artist’s personal affairs.

Nicki Minaj

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In a recent live stream, Nicki Minaj nonchalantly addressed some misinformation spread by an unknown source on Instagram. 

The account owner claimed to be the “We Go Up” rapper’s alleged former assistant and stated Minaj paid for her highly-anticipated song “Freaky Girl” to chart and even posted her address.

The Pinkprint artist hopped on her Instagram live to address the situation. 

In the video, Minaj stated:

 “This is another fan base. They are going through with their plot to take me down.” 

Throughout the video, the “Moment 4 Life” rapper reassured fans that this is nothing new and that labels have meetings to try and end her career but never succeed.

At the end of the video, Minaj spoke her mind. She stated:

“Whatever you hear about me from now on believe it, because I don’t care.”

Nicki Minaj New Project Featuring Exclusive Six-Part Documentary 

In more positive news about Nicki Minaj, she has released more information on her long-awaited documentary. 

Nicki announced this Instagram, stating that her new project features a six-part documentary about her life and career. 

The post, which included a trailer with never-before-seen footage, takes us back to old-school Nicki, aka Onika rocking bamboo door knocker earrings while spitting over a beat.