Nicki Minaj Flaunts Kenneth Petty’s Daddy Duties W/ Their Son

New York rapper Nicki Minaj is making sure the world knows just how much she loves her hubby. The hip-hop diva has shared new footage of both her husband Kenneth Petty and their son having a ball together.


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Nicki Minaj Flaunts Kenneth Petty’s Daddy Duties

Onika went to her Instagram page with the must-see content. Minaj’s clips features Petty all smiles while playing around with their mini-me.

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Nicki Minaj’s Hubby Pleads Guilty

The clips come after Kenneth reportedly pleaded guilty to failure to register as a sex offender in California based on court documents.

While details are still coming together, it turns out docs show he pleaded not guilty to the single-count indictment but ultimately changed his position. If convicted when he’s sentencing in January, Onika’s husband could land 10 years behind bars.

His change of heart — he previously said he was not guilty — appears to be part of a plea deal that he signed with the assistant United States attorney in August. Petty is facing up to 10 years in prison — the maximum sentence allowed for the crime — and a lifetime of supervised release. He is due back in court on Jan. 24, 2022, for sentencing. (Page Six)

Earlier this year, California – where Nicki and Petty reside – made some serious changes to its sex offender registration laws. As of January 1, changes which were set in 2017 by Senate Bill No. 384 including lifetime registration for most sexual offenses no longer being required were ultimate altered.

It’s possible Petty was unaware of the changes and – as a result – didn’t realize he was responsible for registering in a timely manner or at all.

SB 384 created a three-tiered sex offender registration system that no longer required lifetime registration for most sexual offenses. Under Penal Code 290, California law requires that people convicted of certain sex crimes must register as a sex offender. Convicted sex offenders must register with the local law enforcement agency annually within 5 days of their birthday, and within 5 days upon moving residences. Additional restrictions regarding the residency of a sex offender may also be imposed. (E.D.A. Law)

Nicki Minaj’s Husband Wants Off Sex Offender List

Last month, buzz developed about Petty wanting to get off the New York Sex Offender Registry list and took legal action. The hip-hop superstar’s ride or die sued the state and its Criminal Justice Services devision to get his name removed from the registry.

According to reports, Petty’s lawsuit was fueled by the fact he never received notice of an October 2004 hearing about it while incarcerated. If he would have attended the hearing, Kenneth could have challenged the risk level assigned to him.

Petty claims the notice of the hearing was sent to an address where he didn’t live — because he was in prison at the time — and alleges the “Kenny Petty” signature on the bottom is a forgery. Petty claims whoever did it also answered that he would not be attending the hearing. So, according to the new suit, Petty claims he never got his constitutional right to due process to challenge the risk level assigned to him. (TMZ)

Nicki Minaj + Kenneth Petty Targeted

The reports came days after Nicki and Kenny made headlines for the wrong reasons. The hip-hop pair were reportedly sued by a woman Onika’s husband allegedly attempted to rape in the mid-90’s.

According to reports, both Nicki and Kenneth were accused of harassing the victim to recant her story of what really happened in 1994. The 43-year-old claims she was attacked by Petty as a teenage Queens resident which is the reason he was arrested on suspicion of rape, pleaded guilty of attempted rape and served nearly 5 years in prison as a result.

The victim has filed a lawsuit alleging Minaj and Petty, who have an 11-month-old son, have been harassing and intimidating her to force her to recant her story.Minaj, 38, is accused of contacting the victim’s family and lying to her social media followers about the incident. (The Guardian)