Nick Cannon Names The Top 5 Rappers That Can Fight

Hollywood mogul Nick Cannon knows how to get people talking. His latest “World Famous Top 5” segment focused on rappers who can fight. G-Unit (past and present) found itself well-represented, as 50 Cent was ranked fifth and Game was given the No. 1 spot.

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Game Gets Props From Nick Cannon For Throwing Hands

Nick Cannon clarified that his top-five ranking of rappers who can fight was based on proven ability, not just tough-talk and those who look the part or just think they can fight. From bottom to top, he listed 50 Cent, T.I., Hitman Holla, the late Nipsey Hussle, and Game.

The rap game is full of bullies and people who say they can fight, but today I’m breaking down Top 5 ‘Rappers who CAN fight’.

Game Shares The Harsh Truth About Being A Rapper

The West Coast rap veteran recently went online to let his thoughts be known about people stunting for the Internet and putting on a fake show. Game gave fans something to ponder when they’re scrolling through their feed and seeing what appears to be a lavish lifestyle.

“Every n*gga ain’t a rapper & every woman ain’t a model. Most of these rappers ain’t got it like you think & most of these models ain’t what you see on the net in person. Perception is a mf !”

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Game Reportedly Has Been Scamming Rappers

The Los Angeles native may be under some serious fire. An unverified source has reported he’s catching heat for scamming rappers out of thousands of dollars in hopes of promoting their music. While nothing is confirmed, he’s reportedly slid into a handful of rappers’ DMs and applauded them for hard work before piecing together a lucrative offer.

@losangelesconfidential is allegedly sliding into rappers DM’s talking about “I see you working” and then goes on to offer them a $500-$1,000 slot on one of his SoundCloud mixtapes. He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers. In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any on the songs. 

On December 2020, He released 7 mixtape compilations with 34+ songs each. The majority of the songs ranged from 5-250 views. The most views 1 song got was over 1,200… out of a combined 241 tracks. Rappers are angry because the game tells them he will work with them on a song, but claim that it’s all cap so you can purchase a slot on one of his tapes. They’re upset because he gives them a false sense of hope that maybe one day they can collab together.

Game Caught Now Thirsting For LeToya

Game is letting everyone know he’s ready to get off the market. The hip-hop star recently had social media’s attention after appearing to shoot his shot at R&B singer LeToya Luckett. A screenshot went viral revealing Game sneaking into Luckett’s Verzuz battle cameo segment during singer D’Angelo‘s publicized live event. Instead of hyping up the face-off, the former G-Unit member completely showed off his feelings for LL.

“Meanwhile…#TheGame was in the #Verzuz comments trying to see what’s poppin’ with #LeToyaLuckett!!”