Mulatto, Flo Milli + Rubi Rose Steal Spotlight From Rich The Kid In New ‘Nasty’ Music Video

Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid‘s new “Nasty” music video is all about the women. The hip-hop star has hit the green light on his must-see visual which gives all the attention to rap artists Mulatto, Flo Milli and Rubi Rose.

Rich The Kid’s ‘Nasty’ Is All About The Women

While Rich leads the way on the track, the video puts the most shine on Big Latto before fully going women of hip-hop mode with Flo and Rose taking over. G.O.O.D Music’s Teyana Taylor is also behind the camera lens for the visual.

Rich The Kid NASTY FT Flo Milli, Mulatto & Rubi Rose Shot By Teyana Taylor

Jay Critch Comes At Rich The Kid

The new visual comes weeks after Rich’s estranged Rich Forever artist Jay Critch took to his Instagram to subliminally rip him. Without listing any specifics, he went off on rappers who act like label lawyers and even went as far as to say “FREE CRITCH”. Rich posted a message saying “Loyalty over royalty” to his own Story around the same time, but nobody is entirely sure if he’s alluding to the situation.

“Some of these rap n*ggas is just like the lawyers at the labels don’t trust Them if yal want new music go tell them FREE CRITCH H*e a** n*ggas. Stop lettin these n*ggas cap about owning masters n sh*t they tryna hold n*ggas in bum a** deals n*ggas be ya ‘brother’ until the business come up then it’s all this lawyer talk contract talk. Not real n*gga sh*t. I am not rich forever. That s**t been a dub.”

Rich The Kid appeared to respond to Jay’s publicized criticisms.

“Loyalty over royalty”

Rich The Kid Shuts Down Haters

Kid recently went online with a video about how far he’s come and let it be known he doesn’t care for what the haters say. Rich The Kid revealed he used to sleep on the floor with a pillow and blanket and now he’s making millions. RTK also said he never asked his haters to stream his music.

“I didn’t ask you to listen to the song if you don’t f**king like me, dude.”

Rich The Kid’s Masters

The rapper recently celebrated the beauty of independence. The hip-hop star came forward to acknowledge not having to cater to any labels and announced he’s in full control of his masters. The Kid went to his Instagram page to share the big news to fans. Rich took things even further by claiming he’s no longer a slave to the record industry.

“I own all my masters… I’m not a slave no more. P.S. Big CEO” -Rich The Kid’s Twitter

Recently, SOHH took a deep dive into the value and importance of artists owning their masters and why rap stars like Kanye West desperately wanted to own his.