Moniece Slaughter Fears For Her Life Over Dr. Dre + Apryl Jones Reveal

Reality TV star Moniece Slaughter is in a talkative mood, but according to her latest social media post, she’s facing the consequences of saying a little too much. The “Love & Hip Hop” personality has come forward to speak on the aftermath she’s experiencing following a huge shocker to announced to the world.

Moniece Slaughter Done Talking

This week, Moniece took time to update followers through Instagram following a public confirmation of music icon Dr. Dre and fellow “L&HH” cast member Apryl Jones dating. Jones claimed that she and her family had been threatened after her decision to talk openly about Dr. Dre and Jones’ relationship and that she would no longer release statements for the safety of her and her loved ones.

“As a woman, in a time where we’re told we should be valued, exalted, and protected, I’ve been conflicted as to how I was going to proceed, or address last night’s chain of events. Torn between allowing men to intimidate or bully me into being silent, or to speak up for myself and stand firm in my position. Torn between acquiescing to my friend’s and family’s please to not speak up to defend myself, or to ignore them as well, and still stand firm in my position. Upon waking up today I was told that my life, along with my son’s life, and my family’s lives were in danger. That I was dealing with a very powerful man, and that I needed to be quiet, to disappear from social media, and even think about taking a vacation to ‘clear my mind.’ For no reason than the safety of my loved ones, moving forward, I will not be speaking out publicly about all that has transpired. I will not be accepting any media or interview requests or inquiries. I will continue to live my life as I do on a day to day basis. I will continue to care for my son. I will continue to sing and make music. I will continue to be happy. I will continue to do any and all things that contribute to my happiness and success. Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. I’ll be back in a bit.” -Moniece Slaughter

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Moniece Slaughter done talking after claims she was threatened.

Moniece Confirms Dr. Dre + Apryl Jones Are Dating

Before the alleged threats, Moniece did an Instagram Live interview confirming the rumors of Dre’s new relationship (and throwing shade at his new woman). Moniece and Apryl are linked through “L&HH,” and for both having children fathered by members of the R&B group B2K.

“To the person that asked me if Apryl and Dre are together, yes they are. And it’s been a while that they’ve been together. It’s been a while, it’s not new. I’ve known for a while. … I was shocked that someone so established and refined as Dre would almost wife her.”

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Dr. Dre’s Friend Apryl Jones Slays In New Pics

Aside from the drama, Miss Jones recently went to her Instagram page with a slew of new shots. The pics give off throwback vibes while she dons a pair of high heels with rollers in her hair.

“Love bomb. ??”

The Doc Reunites W/ Focus + KXNG Crooked

Fellow producer Focus recently went to his Instagram page to share some must-see shots. The pics included looks at Dr. Dre hanging out alongside musician Smitty and himself.

“You see it!!! GROUP OF KINGS… #aftermathematix #soundwithoutfocusisjustnoise”