Mase And Cam’ron Squash Two-Decade Long Feud

After a nearly two-decade feud, Harlem-bred veteran rappers, Mase and Cam’ron, found a way to make amends via phone conversation.

Cam'ron x Mase

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Cam’ron and Mase squashed their long-standing beef by hopping on the phone and having a much-needed conversation.

Mase took to Instagram and shared a short clip of the two having a lighthearted conversation where fans hear him answer the phone:

“Killa, What’s good? Where’s Mr. Petty at these days?” He laughed.

The truce follows shortly after Mase admitted to his wrongdoings that may have caused the feud with Cam on the “Million Dollaz Worth A Game” podcast:

“When I got the money, it just changed everything but at first, my problem with I think Cam was that, they thought I had the money I didn’t have like I told you I was flexing crazy so they like yo Murda ain’t sharing the bag, I never got the bag.” The former Bad Boy said.

“Now that we looking back you can see he never got that bag, and then about the time I got the bag, we was enemies already so I didn’t get to break him off I didn’t say yo this is what I want to give you I really appreciate you cause that’s one of the relationships I regret, I think I got two that I regret and going at killa I wanted to do that but that was like my nigga.”

Maybe in the future, fans will get to see the two artists finally do a song together.

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Mase Clears His Name In Fivio Foreign Situation

During the same interview, Mase addressed Fivio Foreign’s allegations about unfair business practices.

This past weekend, Fivio claimed that Mase gave him an advance of $5,000 and didn’t know the business side of a contract.

The co-host of the podcast, Wallo, questioned Mase on the allegation he responded.

“At one time, I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000,” Mase said.