Marlon Wayans Claims That He Was With Tupac + Biggie Before They Were Killed

During a recent interview, Marlon Wayans shared that he was with Tupac and Biggie moments before they passed away.

Marlon Wayans

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Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans, who recently finished filming a Netflix movie with Kelly Rowland, was on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

During the interview, Marlon talked with James and actor Marc Maron and shared that he saw both Tupac and Biggie moments before they were shot. 

Before Marlon told his stories, James Corden showed the audience a picture of Tupac and Biggie before they started beefing.

Marlon said:

“I seen Biggie at the Vibe Magazine Party, and he dapped me up. Ten minutes later I hear ‘bop,bop,bop!.” 

In addition, Marlon also explained what happened moments before Tupac was shot.

“I seen Tupac in Vegas 20 minutes before,” he said.

Marlon also mentioned that he and his best friend, fellow actor Omar Epps hopped in a cab as Tupac went in a BMW. The Wayans brother added that it even appeared Tupac wanted to ride with them, and 20 minutes later, he was shot.

Unfortunately, sudden deaths of rappers are not uncommon in hip-hop, which usually causes tension and mixed reactions within the community. 

The Wayans Influence Super Bowl Halftime Show

Fans may not know that Marlon Wayans’ brother Keenan Ivory Wayans’ 1990s comedy show, In Living Color, inspired the halftime show of the Super Bowl. 

In 1992,  Keenan and David Alan Grier made fun of the Super Bowl halftime shows by calling them “boring.”

The NFL took notice and had Michael Jackson the next year and would continue to have popular artists perform to entertain the millions that watch the game.