Ari Lennox’s “Shea Butter Baby” Hits Certified Gold

Ari Lennox’s debut album Shea Butter Baby has officially hit certified Gold and she celebrated by taking to her Twitter account and thanking her loyal fans.

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Dreamville songstress Ari Lennox recently released an album and EP, but is reflecting on the success of her 2019 debut album, Shea Butter Baby.

Even though social media has upset her in the past, Ari posted a Twitter video during a car ride and shared how she felt about her debut album hitting certified gold.

“I love y’all so much, thank you for making my baby gold,” Ari said. “I appreciate every single beautiful chocolate girl that looks like me, I love you for listening. This is a dream!.”

In addition, Ari ended the video by saying she has the “best fans in the world.” 

Shea Butter Baby features songs such as “BMO,” “New Apartment,” and “Whipped Cream.” 
Ari’s newest project age/sex/location, was released in September and is now available for streaming.

Ari Lennox Shares New EP With J.Cole

Ari Lennox recently shared a text message conversation between herself and Dreamville boss J.Cole about wanting to share her music in an EP called “Away Message” before releasing her new album, age/sex/location.

In a tweet, she said she would be off the internet until her album’s release date, September 9, but released “Away Message” on August 31. 

Ari also described the album J.Cole as reflecting on relationship mistakes and learning self-love. J. Cole would share their interaction on an Instagram post.