Mariah The Scientist Teases New Song, “Spread Thin”

In a new TikTok video, singer/songwriter Mariah The Scientist teased her new song, “Spread Thin,” which was released today.

Mariah The Scientist

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In a new TikTok video, Mariah The Scientist previewed her new song “Spread Thin,” which dropped on YouTube earlier today, October 25. The song has been trending for a month and is a hot commodity on TikTok.



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The “Spread Thin” Challenge trend began where fans would express all the hardships they have experienced and share how they overcame them. 

With the brief snippet gaining almost 40k views on TikTok, fans anxiously await for the “Stone Cold” singer to drop the song.

At the beginning of the video, the letters “IJU” is revealed with a waterfront view of what seems to be a hotel. Mariah is then spotted in a vehicle smiling and putting on her shades, as she appears relaxed while gearing up before a big event.

Throughout the video, no lyrics are heard, which adds to the mystery of the overall message behind the song. Fans are also seen anxiously waiting for the “2 You” singer to grace the stage and sing their favorite songs.

After the show, she goes to her hotel room and sees a message written in rose petals on her bed. The video ends with the song’s name and the official release’s time and date. 

The room’s setup looks similar to a photo the “Aura” artist posted earlier this year of her boyfriend, Young Thug, leaving her a message from behind bars. 

Fans are buzzing and have already started recreating the aesthetic of the original video.

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