A Timeline Of 50 Cent & His Son Marquise’s Rocky Relationship History

With the recent back and forth between 50 Cent and his son Marquise Jackson, SOHH gives readers a look at the history of the estranged relationship.

Marquise Jackson x 50 Cent

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The ongoing bad blood between 50 Cent and his son has been going on for several years. Here’s a timeline and breakdown of their tumultuous relationship:


The beef between 50 Cent and his son Marquise started in 2014 when reports revealed that he felt abandoned by the rapper as he began to show more attention to his younger son Sire Jackson.

Later that year, the feud grew bigger when Marquise reportedly felt angry at 50 Cent for not showing up to his high school graduation, which the rapper blamed Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, for.

At a later date, 50 Cent explained that Tompkins is at fault for the beef between him and Marquise because, in his opinion, she influenced his son to be against him.

As the year continued,  Marquise started showing love to his dad’s former friend turned rival Slowbucks’ mixtape which dropped shortly after the chain snatching incident at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam event.

A few weeks later, Jackson was also seen hanging out with 50’s former enemy Floyd Mayweather, who had a 10-year beef with the Power Universe executive producer before squashing it that same year.

Jackson also hoped that people would separate the fact that he is 50 Cent’s son while attempting to show the world his talents in basketball.


During a 2015 interview, Jackson referred to his relationship with his father as “strained,” but that didn’t stop him from watching the popular Starz series Power.

The “In Da Club” artist later predicted that Marquise would turn on his mother and have to grow up and make his own choices one day.

Marquise also had to end a rumor about him working with another of his dad’s foes Rick Ross via an internship.


In 2016, it appeared the rapper-turned-TV-producer and his son were able to rekindle their relationship when they spoke to each other on Instagram.

Later in the year, 50 Cent went on social media to countdown the days he didn’t have to pay child support anymore for Marquise, which he later responded to.

The G-Unit founder then took to social media to take a subliminal shot at Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua, telling her that since she hates his “guts” she should change their son’s last name to hers.


In 2017, the  New York rapper’s son wasn’t here for the child support jokes. Marquise Jackson came forward to clap back at his rap star dad over his questionable humor. 

A screenshot also surfaced of Marquise responding to the “P.I.M.P.” rapper announcing a child support release party.


In 2018, 50 Cent had no chill – at all. The hip-hop executive went uber personal and unleashed some fury onto a fan after getting drilled about his estranged son Marquise Jackson.

Fif took to Instagram and further explained why he chose not to showcase his relationship with MJ.

Later that year, 50 Cent wasn’t ready to turn the page on his feelings towards his son Marquise Jackson. The entertainment boss explained why fans shouldn’t expect fatherly interactions anytime soon.


In 2020,  Marquise Jackson refused to keep quiet. He spoke out after his dad chose rap artist Tekashi 6ix9ine over himself as his son.


Fast forward to this current calendar year, and it seems the relationship isn’t getting better anytime soon.

Last week, 50 Cent responded to his son Marquise’s interview with videographer Choke No Joke and his recent “entitled” post on Instagram.

The rapper-turned-TV producer said he should not be complaining about child support because he is now a grown man at 25.

Friday, Marquise responded to his father’s interview with The Breakfast Club through a new Instagram post.

In the post, Marquise shared that he’s already attempted to reach out to his father for several years, with no luck. He also added that public interviews with TMZ and Choke No Joke are the only way to reach out since the rapper-turned-TV mogul blocked him on social media.

The Game Makes Fun Of 50 Cent’s Damaged Relationship With Marquise

The situation has gotten so bad that even one of 50’s biggest archnemesis has decided to chime in the conversation with some humor.

The Game recently poked fun at 50 Cent in a birthday shoutout intended for his son.