T.I. Shuts Down Busta Rhymes’ Verzuz Challenge

First Drake, now Busta Rhymes … it seems T.I.‘s name is being linked to some of rap’s headliners by people who want to see the “King Of The South” engage in battle.

Busta Rhymes Called T.I. Out

Last week, Atlanta rapper/actor T.I. made headlines when he brought up an old rumor about Canadian superstar Drake that had a lot of fans eager for a lyrical war to kick off between the two. This week, NYC rap veteran Busta Rhymes issued a challenge to battle T.I. on Verzuz, to which Tip has responded.

T.I. Passes On Busta Battle

While T.I. made sure to pay all due respect to Bussa Bust and his lengthy history in the industry, he declined the offer by citing their difference in age. “I just think the generational gap might be a little too much,” Tip said about the former member of Leaders Of The New School. For what it’s worth, Busta Rhymes is 48 years old and T.I. is 40.

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Busta Responds To T.I.’s Response

Of course, Busta wouldn’t take that without having something to say. He went to Instagram and poked at T.I. for “running” from him.

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It’s ok to say it King, ??? YOU OFFICIALLY RAN FROM THIS ASS BEATIN’ KING!! But I still love you my brother!! IT’S THE KING!! ????? #ELE2THEWRATHOFGOD DROPPIN’ 10.30.20 THE PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED!! ?????? PREORDER & MERCH AVAILABLE NOW!!! Click link in Bio‼️‼️‼️

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Busta Rhymes Has A New Album Coming

While T.I. has a new album out now, Busta is also dropping new music soon. His first offering since 2012, titled ELE 2, is set to release on Oct. 30.