Lizzo Gets Mistaken for ‘Precious’ On Andy Cohen’s “What Happens Live” Show

Fans are speculating that Lizzo was a victim of fat shaming after Kathy Hilton mistook her for the character Precious.


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Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton is under fire after “mistaking” Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo for a movie character Precious played by Oscar-nominated actress Gabby Sidibe

During a segment of Andy Cohen’s “What Happens Live,” a picture of Lizzo was displayed on the screen. When asked if she knew the person in the image, Kathy said “I think I know, Precious?” 

The audience and crew burst out in laughter, thinking the “mistake” was funny.

Many Lizzo fans thought otherwise, taking to Twitter to call Kathy out on her fat-shaming behavior and speculating that all black people look alike. 

Comedian and actor Kalen Allen took Lizzo’s defense, writing:

“That Kathy Hilton clip is messed up and y’all know it is. Lizzo minds her own business but all people do is make her a joke and this time it wasn’t even intentional. This time she caught a stray and I wish someone would’ve stepped up and said something.”

Nicki Minaj Gets Mistaken For Trina

Lizzo’s not the only one getting mistaken for someone else these days. 

Earlier this month, Nicki Minaj took to Tik Tok to express her recent experience at a grocery store. 

The hip-hop queen was in the signature incognito look that most female celebrities create to disguise themselves while partaking in regular activities.