Travis Scott’s Free Therapy Partnership Criticized By Fans As Exploitative

Travis Scott is now facing a new backlash in response to offering Astroworld festival-goers a month of free online therapy after last week’s trauma.  The embattled rapper teamed up with the company BetterHelp, but some fans are not feeling the offer for help.


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Astroworld Security Lapses Revealed

Travis’ efforts to help those affected by the Astroworld tragedy with an offer of free therapy for a month are being criticized by some as both inadequate and offensive. 

And new details as to the full failures that contributed to the tragedy are being revealed every day. Security guard Darius Williams who was working the night of the tragedy claimed he was unprepared for the event.  

He says, “They were still pretty vague, didn’t really tell us what we would be doing. They just issued us our uniforms, our jackets.” 

In response to the Astroworld tragedy, Travis so far has vowed to pay for the funerals of all the lives lost as well as provide a refund to all ticket holders. 50,000 people were in attendance at NGP park stadium in Houston, Texas. 

Travis’ Free Therapy Offer Criticized

However, the BetterHelp initiative that Travis has planned — offering therapy to traumatized fans — is facing heavy criticism.  There are complaints about privacy concerns as some believe BetterHelp sells their data to Facebook.  Additionally, it appears that festival-goers who accept the Betterhelp offer to waive their ability to sue him or Live Nation. 

BetterHelp states in their privacy policy that they share personal and private health information with third-party advertisers for marketing and business purposes. 

One therapist who was approached by BetterHelp for a partnership before took to Tik Tok to explain the deal they wanted to make with him which included him getting paid for each referral that came to BetterHelp’s site. 

In addition, BetterHelp has also been criticized in the past for not adequately paying its therapists. Additionally, fans say one month of therapy is not enough time to make a difference in their trauma.