Lil Nas X Faces Backlash For Tweet Referring To LGBTQ+ Community In Africa

Lil Nas X has been catching a lot of heat for his tweet geared toward the LGBTQ+ community in Africa. This follows after anti-LGBTQ+ legislation was passed, which could potentially land individuals in jail for living a  “gay lifestyle.” Fans respond to his insensitive tweets.

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Lil Nas X faced backlash after tweeting what was perceived as insensitive toward the LGBTQ+ community in Africa. 

“Where do the gays be in Africa? I wanna come there,” the “Old Town Road” artist tweeted on March 22.

One user responded to X about the timing of the tweet.

“His timing for posting this tweet is so funny,” the tweet read.  “With so many country’s governments making laws about us, African queers are the main character purr.”

Nas X’s tweets come on the heels of Uganda passing a law that will send people to prison for ten years if they participate in the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. The law also sends people to jail for life if they commit a gay sex act with a term called “aggravated homosexuality”

This isn’t the first time Lil Nas X has been in trouble with the LGBT community; recently, the “Montero” artist had to apologize to the transgender community for making a sex reassignment surgery joke on Twitter.

In related news, singer Beyoncé was criticized for performing in Dubai, where anti-LGBTQ+ laws were also getting passed.

Lil Nas X Responded To Homophobic Protest By Sending Pizza To His Protesters

Lil Nas X does have a history of being humorous about anti-LGBTQ+ issues. 

In 2022, X also showed a classy way to handle haters after a group of homophobic protesters lined up outside his concert. The queer rapper didn’t get upset, he just ordered them pizza.