Lil Durk Don’t Want It With Kanye, Pushes Back 7220 Album Release

Lil Durk may not be scared of his ops, but he wasn’t ready to go head-to-head with Kanye West on the charts this week. The Chicago-born rapper just announced that he has postponed his album release and has instead released a new single.

Lil Durk vs Kanye West

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Lil Durk Postpones 7220 Album

Lil Durk announced that he will not be releasing his album, 7220, today as previously announced.

The Chicago-born rapper announced on Instagram that the album will be released March 11, 2022. To make it up to his disappointed fans, he also revealed the official artwork for the album and dropped a new single, “AHHH HA,” and a music video 

Durk had been quiet about his album in recent days, though he had some fun just last week using a Kanye meme to promote the drop. Kanye, on the other hand, has been dominating the news cycle and trending for every move he makes.

Lil Durk originally announced the release date for his next album and bet big on himself.   The Chicago-born rapper had confirmed on February 7 that 7220 will be out February 22, ending a nearly year-long wait for fans and positioning himself for a face-off with fellow Chiraq rapper, Kanye West.  The new March 11 date will yield new competition, but certainly none as massively popular as Kanye West.

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Durk Uses Kanye Meme

Durk recently used Kanye’s meme hilariously to promote 7220. Durk’s 7220 and Kanye’s DONDA 2 were both originally scheduled to drop on 2/22/22. Kanye was memed recently when he posted what looked like a prison mugshot of himself standing in front of the camera holding a yellow notepad with a handwritten message that said, “My account is not hacked.”  

The internet had a ball with the shot, editing the image with new messages and jokes at Kanye’s expense.  Dirk got in on the fun, using the meme to remind the world that his album is dropping on 2/22/22.   Dirk’s Kanye meme read “New Lil Durk Album, 2/22/22.” Hilarious!

Dirk on Tour

Durk’s 7220 tour will launch April 8 at the Arizona Federal Theater in Phoenix, with stops in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, New York, and St. Louis. The tour will wrap up May 2 with a show in Chicago, his hometown.