Lil Bibby Says He’s Done W/ Retirement + Coming Back

Chicago rapper Lil Bibby is back-back. The hip-hop heavyweight has vowed to step out of retirement and get back into the music biz spotlight in the next month.

Lil Bibby Ends Retirement

Bibby went to his Twitter page to break the massive news. LB said he would soon come back to the Chi and officially get back to his hip-hop career.

“I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m coming out of retirement in 30 days” -Lil Bibby’s Twitter

Lil Bibby ends retirement and returns to music biz.

Retirement Talk

Back in January 2014, Bibby shocked fans after suggesting he would hang up the microphone for good. Bibbs spoke on plans to fall back from music-making.

“F**k that s**t, man. That’s all I got man. This my last one, I’m retiring man,” the “Free Crack” rapper said. It is not certain whether Bibby was joking or being serious, but nevertheless, the “Water” rapper repped the Chi well from a lyrical standpoint as he proceeded to go off the dome. Bibby’s second rhyme, however, will appear on a new song. (Kollege Kidd)


Success In Retirement

As a record label head, Bibby experienced ample success notably after signing late protégé Juice Wrld. He previously talked about transitioning from hip-hop artist to executive status.

“I really don’t know. I like to make people a lot of money. I got enough knowledge and I’ve studied this rap stuff and I got enough relationships to help an artist, help his family [and] I get a kick out of it ’cause I see how the label does it and my situation. I feel like just helping people. … My company is called Grade A Productions. I’m working with Juice Wrld, of course that’s going well. I signed this other kid named The Kid Laroi from Australia and I signed this other guy from Alabama named Clever and this other guy from Ohio named Seezyn. So, I kinda have a lot on my plate.” (XXL Mag)

Signing Juice Wrld

Prior to Juice’s death, Bibby talked about their connection and how he ultimately signed Wrld to his record label.

My brother [G Money] brought Juice to me. He played me the song “All Girls Are the Same” and I was like, “Alright, that’s a good song.” Then he sent over some YouTube links and I heard “Lucid Dreams.” When I heard “Lucid Dreams,” I’m like, “Oh, now this is probably the best song I’ve heard in over 10 years.” That’s when I really knew. I [was] like, “OK, we gotta go with this.” So, I got to making all the calls [to] all the radio people that I know. Everything just worked [out] perfectly. The Cole Bennett video came out and it did wonders and we were already in label talks. (XXL Mag)