Lil Baby Stunned Over JAY-Z’s ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Verse

Rap superstar Lil Baby is speechless after listening to a new JAY-Z verse. The Atlanta rapper was caught on video obsessed with the hip-hop icon’s bars on his collab song with Nas “Sorry Not Sorry.”


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Lil Baby Stunned By JAY-Z’s Verse

In the video, We The Best CEO DJ Khaled is seen filming Baby in his moment marveling over JAY-Z’s lyrical skills. The scene was no doubt captured during Lil Baby’s involvement with Khaled’s star-studded new album, “Khaled Khaled” which notably included the “Sorry Not Sorry” verse.

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JAY-Z + Nas Bet It All

Earlier today, the highly-anticipated music video featuring Nas and JAY-Z finally dropped. The must-see visual pits Young Hov and Nasty Nas in a casino setting. While they’re betting it all in cards, Khaled makes his presence felt hanging out alongside the Big Apple heavyweights.

As promised, DJ Khaled just dropped another one, coming through at midnight with not only his twelfth studio album, Khaled Khaled, but a music video for his single “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring Nas, Jay-Z & James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. In it, quarantine is officially over and DJ Khaled and friends are bellying up to the blackjack table for a very Vegas evening of cigars, bars, and reminiscing about that distant moment in time before they were all very, very successful. Oh, and while she doesn’t make a visual appearance, Beyoncé stops by with a slinky “heyyyy” that absolutely makes Jay-Z’s verse. (Vulture)

JAY-Z Curates A Nas Playlist

Prior to the video dropping, JAY gave Nas a solid look. Young Hov released a curated playlist of classic Nasty Nas anthems. The listing featured a wide view of Nasir’s musical repertoire, from early classic releases to his more recent work.

Curated by The God Hov: NaS,’ a playlist by JAY-Z.

Nas Can’t Wait For DJ Khaled’s Next Album

Earlier in the week, Nas reminded followers of the Khaled Khaled release date. In the comment section, a message from Khaled himself proved the We The Best CEO appreciated Nas’ shout out.

“KHALED KHALED this Friday April 30th.” -Nas

“Love brother ??” -DJ Khaled