Lil Baby Reveals ‘The Voice Of The Heroes’ Artwork

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby is getting fans even more hyped for his new joint The Voice of the Heroes album. The hip-hop heavyweight has lit up social media with a first look at the LP’s official artwork.

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Lil Baby Reveals ‘The Voice Of The Heroes’ Artwork

Baby hit up Instagram with a snapshot of his and collaborator Lil Durk‘s new LP artwork. The cover is filled with messages from bullets and prescription drugs on the ground behind them to a police camera flashing as they walk toward their respective cities.

“Save the date 6/4/21 go preorder the album now … ain’t nobody safe 🔥🔥”

Lil Durk Gives A Sneak Preview Of Lil Baby Joint Album

The hip-hop super-team of Lil Durk and Lil Baby recently joined forces like the Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and James Harden, and their championship-contending debut — titled Voice of the Heroes — is set to drop on June 4. A few days ago, LD teased some new music on his social media and gave Baby a shout-out.

“If this don’t make it ima be 😡….. @lilbaby what we doing”

Initial Release Date Pushed Back

The duo initially announced a release date of May 28 for their joint album. But soon after Def Jam announced that late rap legend DMX‘s posthumous project Exodus was dropping on that date, Durk and Baby’s album was held off for a week — reportedly out of respect for the fallen icon.

“The voice of the hero’s may28th what y’all think….. @lilbaby“

“How Does ‘Voice Of The Heroes Dropping May 28 Sound’? 🔥🔥🤯 I’m Tryna See Some… @lildurk“

Lil Baby Makes Game’s Top 10 List

West Coast rapper Game has just provided enough ammunition to keep fans debating. The hip-hop veteran has shared his Top 10 best rappers list ranging from moguls like JAY-Z and Nas to Lil Baby.

My top ten best rappers alive list in order (Not including myself) 1. Jay-Z 2. NAS 3. Lil Wayne 4. Eminem 5. Kendrick 6. Snoop Dogg 7. Drake 8. Andre 3000 9. J. Cole 10. Lil Baby (And by the way, I’ll go bar for bar with anybody on this list)