Could The City Girls Be Over? 5 Clues They Could Be Broken Up

The City Girls may have officially called it quits. Recently, JT did the unthinkable on social media leading many to speculate a possible breakup. Here are five clues indicating the duo may have split.

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After fans speculated a breakup and made dozens of comparisons between Yung Miami and JT, it appears the City Girls may have cut ties with one another.

Recently, JT mysteriously unfollowed the City Girls’ official Instagram page.

Could there be more going on behind the scenes? Fans may say they saw it coming. 

Here are four other clues the City Girls could be broken up:

Missing Each Other’s Birthday Party?

Fans would agree the two were inseparable when they first came onto the hip-hop scene. Both rappers were known for supporting each other and never missing an event.

However, neither of the City Girls was in attendance at each other’s recent birthday celebrations.

Yung Miami Doesn’t Come To JT’s Defense

One thing about Yung Miami and JT, they were known for always having each other’s backs, especially on social media. In October 2022, JT found herself in a heated Twitter spat with Cardi B after the “I Like It” rapper called the City Girl a “lapdog.”

Fans were shocked to find Caresha radio silent while the Twitter war went rampant.

Constant Comparisons & Pressure From Fans

In August 2022, JT was interviewed on Yung Miami’s Caresha, Please podcast. The two got candid about the constant comparisons and negative comments they faced from fans and fellow celebs. 

“Trick Daddy made a comment that nobody was checking for me,” JT shared. She added that fans would paint a “narrative of her being mean,” while Yung Miami was painted more like the fun, bubbly one.

In addition, Yung Miami said  she felt she received most of the hate since she noticed many fans would say JT should “go solo.”

“Gotta Move On”

Since Yung Miami began dating Diddy and started her podcast, fans have noticed a disconnect in the duo. It appeared Caresha’s heart was no longer in the same place and wanted to focus on her own endeavors.

Although she invited JT for an interview on her podcast, the duo has not been seen out together in a long time.

City Girls’ Yung Miami Announces Retirement From Rap?

Speaking of splits and going solo, Yung Miami announced she was retiring with an expletive-laden tweet in response to a troll in September 2022. The announcement came after fans said that her fellow City Girl, JT, is the better rapper as fans continued to compare them to each other.