Kid Cudi’s Floral SNL Dress Performance Is Must-See

Ohio rap star Kid Cudi took fashion statement-making up a few notches during his “Saturday Night Live” performance. The hip-hop heavyweight has social media’s attention courtesy of a must-see set where he rocked a floral dress.

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Kid Cudi’s Floral SNL Dress

According to reports, Cudder didn’t just happen to rock the jaw-dropping fit. Kid used the outfit to pay homage to late 90’s rocker and Nirvana band leader Kurt Cobain.

The rapper, 37, rocked a maxi-length, spaghetti-strapped floral sundress at one point, and a rumpled green cardigan at another, while performing songs from his latest album on the NBC sketch show. Each was a clear tribute to the late Nirvana frontman, who committed suicide at age 27 on April 5, 1994. “Kid Cudi pulling the ultimate Kurt Cobain tribute on #SNL on the week of his death. @KidCudi all about love and suicide prevention and awareness!!!,” one fan tweeted. The grunge legend famously wore a floral dress on the 1993 cover of now-defunct British magazine The Face a year before his death. Cobain also memorably donned a grubby, cigarette-burned green cardigan during Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged concert in 1993. (Page Six)

Kid Cudi’s floral SNL dress is a must-see.

During the broadcast, Cudi also remembered the life of late “Saturday Night Live” star Chris Farley courtesy of a t-shirt.

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Virgil Abloh Co-Signs

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh made sure to step up and hype Cudder’s outfit. VA referenced the dress’ powerful statement and confirmed being responsible for piecing it together.

“freedom is, as freedom does. feel free. @Off____White™ specially reserved for Mr. Rager only, @kidcudi ~ @nbcsnl ©2021”

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Kid Cudi Promises To Level Up

Cudi is ready to take his success as high as the moon. The hip-hop superstar recently came forward to promise big things are soon coming and salute his true supporters for sticking with him since day one. In late January 2021, KC said fans could expect him to keep grinding and really blow everyone away with what he’s working on.

“From here on out you will see me glow in everything I do. I will show the world Im a true force and nobody can stop me. I think it, I can make it happen. Doesn’t matter if u hate me, you’re gonna have to watch me glow. That will always bring a smile to my face. Im not going anywhere. To everybody out there that’s been watching me all these years, you aint see sh*t yet. I am Gods messenger and I am not done here. To all my friends and family that have been ridin with me from day 1, thank you so f*ckin much. I wont let you or the world down.”

The powerful words sparked some major co-signs from hip-hop artists including Jaden Smith and Trippie Redd.

“I have only ever seen you glow big bro, im so excited for what’s coming” -Jaden Smith

“So inspirational” -Trippie Redd

Kid Cudi Is Taking Credit As A Trendsetter

Earlier this year, Kid Cudi went on Twitter to announce the upcoming launch of his own clothing line, the name of which he didn’t reveal. When a fan wrote that Cudi “already created skinny jeans,” the multi-talented artist acknowledged the comment with “No lies here.”

“Finally startin my own clothing line. Been a long time comin and another dream of mine. More madness, true vision, freshness comin soon!!!” (Kid Cudi on Twitter)