Kanye’s Netflix Documentary, “jeen-yuhs,” Sparks Lawsuit From Cameo Participant; Says She Was In An “Altered State”

A Chicago woman is suing the directors of the 2021 Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs, which focuses on Kanye West, over her appearance in the film. Love claims she was incoherent during her cameo and intends to take legal action.

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According to a TMZ report, a Chicago woman named Cynthia Love, who was featured in Kanye’s video for his 2003 hit “Through The Wire,” is suing the film directors of the 2021 Netflix documentary about Ye, titled, jeen-yuhs.

An “Altered State”

On April 17, Love filed a lawsuit against film directors Coodie Simmons and Chize Ozah along with the Netflix streaming platform. Love was featured in the music video for “Through The Wire” and appeared in the 2021 Netflix documentary, jeen-yuhs

Cynthia Love claimed she was in an “altered state” and could not provide consent at the moment to be in the music video. Love was paid $20 for her appearance in the video that showed her dancing in a restaurant. 

West, who was sued by a former employee for breach of contract, has not publicly commented. Love added that she has been sober for 18 years and looks to move forward with her “dark past.” She has also said that she repaired relationships with friends and family. 

Love is hoping for at least $30,000 in the lawsuit.

Lawsuits have been filed against Simmons and Ozah. However, since Ye’s October 2022 Twitter rant, which included comments labeled as anti-semitic, the star rapper lost several business relationships.

West lost deals with fashion giants Balenciaga and Adidas. West’s former legal team even went out and used newspaper ads to announce were cutting ties with him on Jan.16.

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