Cam’ron Reveals Why He’ll Block Anyone On Social Media

New York rapper Cam’ron isn’t here for the games. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to explain the motivation behind having over 200,000 people blocked on his social media pages.

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Cam’ron Reveals Why He’ll Block Anyone

The Dipset boss issued a video statement explaining why he has no problem getting people banned from his page. Cam also encouraged people not to feel bad about hitting the block button.

“Let me tell y’all something about blocking people. Because I got at least, minimum 200,000 blocked people, minimum. At least, it may be even more than that. Don’t ever feel bad about blocking somebody. It’s your page, it’s your sh*t. Sometimes people are too opinionated with your sh*t. You get what I’m saying?”

Cam went a little deeper and compared how social media is like having people over at your house and complaining.

“Somebody come into your house and be like, ‘Yo I don’t like your curtains.’ Okay, cool, you don’t like my curtains – ‘I don’t really like the furniture.’ Well then get the f*ck out. Get the f*ck out. You don’t like the curtains – why are you here? You don’t like a bunch of sh*t but you still in here. It’s crazy. You know what I do? I let a wild comment stay there for a while and then I block everybody that liked the comment. If a negative comment be there, I’ll let that sit and everybody that like the comment, I’ll block their a** too. It’s your house, kick them the f*ck out.”

Cam’ron reveals why he’ll block anyone.

Cam’ron Can’t Get Away From His Neighbor

Recently, Cam had social media in tears. The rap heavyweight went online to reveal his neighbor was low-key stalking him.

“I haven’t been home in a couple days, and I don’t feel obligated to answer my phone if ya last name isn’t Giles. But she seems to think different. After not answering my phone she came to my house, then after not answering my door she said she would wait by my car, and did. I Don’t want to get a restraining order but at this point I will. We coulda had a lot more fun, but not at this expense

“It’s that @pinkhorsepower ??????”

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Cam Tells Hilarious Juelz Santana Story

The Dipset boss has plenty of stories to tell. He recently shared a flashback tale in honor of his longtime friend and protégé Juelz Santana‘s 39th birthday.

Based on a true story: my house Columbus Ohio, December 11 2001, 9:27pm on our 28th blunt, watching the movie castaway 

Juelz smokes:
I smoke:
Juelz smokes: 
I smoke:
Juelz smokes:
I smoke:
Juelz smokes 
I smoke: 

Juelz: am I buggin or nobody talked in this movie for the last hour? 

Me: looks at Juelz. Wit da you mad smart look and say “worrrrrrrreerd!!”

Continue smoking.

Happy bday bro. Love u nigga

Ps this was his (and my face watching da movie) lol

Both Juelz and Dipset’s Jim Jones made sure to react to the hilarious story.

“That’s a big fact… ?? love u to bro ?✔️” -Juelz Santana

“Lol” -Jim Jones

Kimbella Celebrates Juelz’s Birthday

Juelz’s wife and reality TV star Kimbella also made sure to acknowledge his born day. She shared a super gushy love note to Santana on her Instagram page.

“Happy Birthday to my AMAZING Husband!! Aw man I’m just grateful that we can celebrate this year together, as a family!! GOD IS GOOD!!! We’ve been through it whew chile, but it’s only brought us even closer as husband & wife!! I adore you in every way and appreciate the man, husband and father you’ve become! Cheers to you baby on your day and everyday!! Happy birthday baby I LOVE YOU to pieces!!!! I hope you enjoy your day! ????”