Kash Doll Trolls Herself W/ Hilarious Photoshop Edits

Detroit rapper Kash Doll has jokes-jokes. The hip-hop star has lit up social media with some super cringe and heavily enhanced pics of herself.


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Kash Doll Trolls Herself

KD went to her Instagram page with some must-see content. The shots feature her with edited shots of her normally super curvy torso.

“The category is body b*tch”

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Kash Doll Proves She’s The Real KD

Hours prior, Doll hit up her Instagram page to flex some serious muscle. Kash revealed footage of herself flawlessly shooting a basketball and playfully checking Brooklyn Nets basketball star Kevin Durant. She appears to be showing off her follow-through skills alongside hip-hop star Jack Harlow.

“I’m the real KD @easymoneysniper period! (My bad joe i was hyped up)”

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Kash Doll proves she’s the real KD.

Kash Doll + Kevin Durant Clash Over Their Names

The trash-talking has some serious roots. It all started in February 2021 when Kash Doll tweeted referring to herself as “KD” and Kevin Durant called her out on using initials he felt were rightfully meant for him. Kash Doll was quick to respond and essentially put Kevin in his place by claiming she was the real KD. Their followers witnessed the tense exchange online and while some easily took one side, others couldn’t believe it was even a debate at all or felt conflicted siding with Kash or Kevin.

KD Thirsts For French Montana

Outside of the hilarious digital clash, a screenshot recently circulated online showing Kash Doll reacting to a shirtless pic of Bad Boy Records’ French Montana. The comment even caught the New York rapper’s attention and sparked a flirty exchange.

“I land at 6 babe” -Kash Doll

“@kashdoll On my way juheardd” -French Montana