Kanye West Sneaks Onto California Presidential Ballot But Not For President

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West wants to become president of the United States but it looks like he’ll settle for the next best thing – vice president. Reports have emerged suggesting Yeezy has managed to land on a California presidential ballot but as an independent’s running mate.

Kanye West For Vice President

According to reports, Mr. West is running for VP with California businessman Rocky De La Fuente. However, the situation might all be to sway away vote from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A report from TMZ shows the rapper as the running mate for Rocky De La Fuente, a San Diego-based businessman who frequently runs for president. According to the report, the choice of Kanye as veep was extremely intentional: Markham Robinson, Vice Chairman of the American Independent Party, told TMZ that they chose Kanye in order to sway votes away from Joe Biden. (UPROXX)

Kanye West for vice president – no cap.

Kanye West Fights Back

According to reports, the independent presidential candidate wasn’t too happy with a judge recently throwing him off the Virginia ballot. In an effort to get on there, West has urged the state’s highest court to get involved since absentee voting starts in the coming days.

Attorneys for the rapper-entrepreneur filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Virginia late Tuesday, seeking to overturn Thursday’s Richmond Circuit Court ruling that found the West campaign had tricked some voters into helping him get on the ballot. “Ballots will be printed soon and may already be being printed in some Virginia counties, so resolution of this case is essential by on or before September 18, 2020,” West’s attorneys wrote to the Supreme Court in a motion for expedited consideration. (Washington Post)

West’s Arizona Drama

According to reports, folks in Arizona won’t see Yeezy’s name appear on the presidential ballot come Election Day. A recent lawsuit has argued putting West on the ballot would potentially have people throw away votes on a disqualified candidate.

An Arizona resident, Rasean Clayton, filed a lawsuit Monday asking the court to bar West from the state’s Nov. 3 ballot. The lawsuit argued that independent presidential candidates can only appear on Arizona’s ballot if they aren’t registered with a recognized political party. West is a registered Republican in Wyoming, although most strategists speculate that in this race he could siphon votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden. (The Hill)

Judge Bars Kanye From Ballot

Less than 96 hours after the lawsuit was filed away, a judge decided to go ahead and bar Kanye from having his name show up on the November ballot.

The ruling Thursday by Judge Scott McCoy said that the voter who challenged West’s bid in Arizona “established that the relative hardships favor him.” Putting West on the ballot would create confusion for voters, his lawyers argued. (Billboard)