Kanye West Calls Out Adidas For Announcing ‘Yeezy Day’ Without His Permission

Kanye West blasted a footwear company he’s been working with for years. The “Famous” rapper claims they’re using his styles without his consent.

Kanye West

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Chicago rapper Kanye West called out Adidas for doing Yeezy day without his input.

Ye pointed out how Adidas has done everything without him signing off on the decisions:

“Adidas made up the Yeezy day without my approval then went and brought back older styles without my approval, picked the color and named them without my approval went and hired people that worked for me without my approval, stoled my colorways without my approval, stole my style and material approaches without my approval, went and hired a GM without my approval, took talent on the production side and sprinkled them throughout the Adidas originals.”

Kanye also talked about a deal Adidas made with Balenciaga:

“Even though they did a Balenciaga collaboration they completely slowed down production on the shoes me and Demna developed for Gap by trying to bully Gap even though my contract states I can do casual shows which I was doing when I did fashion shows.”

Furthermore, West wants Adidas to get permission for designs before moving forward with projects.

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Kanye Gives Fans Yeezy Day

Last year, Chicago hip-hop veteran Kanye West gave fans another chance. 

He celebrated August 2 as “Yeezy Day,” and the rap legend restocked the Internet with endless gold.

Various platforms were being restocked with multiple models of his Yeezy shoe line, which included sneakers, slides, and boots. 

Sneakerheads were going crazy as they finally had another chance to get some rare pairs of his collector shoes.