Joe Budden Co-Signs Noreaga For Calling Out Rappers (Not Cardi B) Who Don’t Support Black Media

Rapper and co-host of the Drink Champs podcast, Noreaga voiced his frustration yesterday at Black artists, claiming they tend to “ignore” Black media platforms in favor of the mainstream white-owned media. 


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Noreaga took to Twitter to address the lack of support Black journalists face from Black artists. In a series of tweets, he name-dropped several notable people in the media who he says are getting love from rap artists.

“I have been the best to this culture. I have always put hiphop first and I see u guys go to Ellen (DeGeneres) and David Letterman and Zane Lows and treat them with more respect than the culture buy u say u want black excellence” Noreaga said in a tweet. 

Noreaga was referring to various unnamed rappers who he says have turned down interviews with Drink Champs or black-owned media platforms. 

People on social media immediately thought that he was sending shots at Cardi B due to her going on the David Letterman show recently.  However, the rap veteran wanted to clear the air that he in no way was referring to the “WAP” rapper.

“Love it wasn’t even talking or thinking bout cardi but love the article,” Noreaga wrote on Twitter in response to an article about his tangent.

Noreaga also dissed Black artists doing interviews with legendary talk show hosts Oprah Winfrey and Good Morning America co-host Gayle King, claiming that even that is not enough. 

Later on in his Twitter rant, he advocated for more artists to be open to being interviewed on the Joe Budden and Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

Joe Budden chimed in and actually agreed with Nore on Twitter he wrote:

“Just a humble servant of Hip Hop, it only helped raise me and teach me still to this day… Nore hit a few points, a lot of ppl use it as entry way & shed it soon as they can. Culture was never vying for acceptance, it was always MAKING them accept it, sadly that line is blurred.”

Noreaga About To Drop New Music?

Outside of hosting Drink Champs, the rap veteran has also hinted at making more music with producer, 9th Wonder. 

Noreaga recently posted a tweet in which he gave hit-making producer 9th Wonder his props.  The former C-N-N frontman then hinted at a possible music collaboration on the way. 

“9th Wonder got me doing something I haven’t done in a long time and I love him so much I ain’t even 2nd guess him! I’m already halfway in!” Noreaga said.