DaBaby Sued By DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon Bills Over Bowling Alley Brawl

Viral video of the bowling alley brawl has landed Dababy back in legal trouble. DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, is now suing the rapper.


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Baby Mama Drama

Miami singer/model DaniLeigh can’t seem to catch a break with drama between her brother Brandon Bills and baby daddy, DaBaby. Earlier this month the two were involved in a brawl at an LA bowling alley.  Now, DaBaby is facing a lawsuit from Brandon Bills, who is suing the rapper for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence.

Bills is claiming the North Carolina artist attacked him at the bowling alley, resulting in physical and psychological problems that he’s been suffering in the aftermath, including hefty medical bills. 

In documents obtained by TMZ, Brandon insists that he was walking by DaBaby in the bowling alley when DaBaby suddenly attacked him, leaving him with severe injury. Brandon is also claiming that he did not fight back during the attack. 

DaBaby on the other hand is declaring this attack as self-defense, saying Brandon was ‘running around threatening people’ during the exchange between the two. 

Back in November, DaBaby and DaniLeigh took to Instagram to air out their drama during a domestic dispute that took place at Dababy’s home resulting in the police being called in an attempt to evict DaniLeigh from his home. DaBaby wrote: “I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed, which they need to hurry up [and] do as we speak. I ain’t even want that behavior on display but it’s OK, man this too shall pass, it’s all good.” During this same incident, Brandon Bills posted a threat to DaBaby that he would see him the next time he comes to LA.

In the bowling alley video, DaBaby is seen exchanging harsh words with Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother. Suddenly, DaBaby throws the first punch.  

Brandon took to Instagram to respond to the altercation, posting a now-deleted video of him ranting and using the N-word profusely. He said, “N*ggas wanna grab me by my hair… N*ggas didn’t catch no fair one …N*ggas came and jumped me once I slipped.” 

Brandon also claimed he came up to DaBaby like a man, asking to talk one on one in front of DaBaby’s entire team before the fight broke out. Thereafter,DaniLeigh took to her Instagram story and posted a message saying, “Lame and so sad! I pray this stops now! Bc this is my family! And i got a daughter to raise.”

Da Drama Continues..

The drama seems to follow DaBaby. His Las Vegas battery case was dismissed late last year with prejudice (meaning the case cannot be reopened) after a driver came forward with allegations against DaBaby in February 2021, claiming the rapper attacked him during a ride in November 2020.  The embattled rapper is also still recovering his career after he was canceled for making what some called “homophobic” comments during a Rolling Loud performance.