Jeezy Lets Young Rappers Know Street Cred “Doesn’t Matter”

Jeezy is one of many rappers that grew up around crime before becoming successful. The “Put On” artist is using his experience to let young rappers know that street life isn’t worth it.


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Recently, trap rapper Jeezy appeared on The Breakfast Club and was asked by co-host Charlamagne Tha God about how he felt when he realized that street cred doesn’t matter.

Jeezy responded, “I really think that when you start walking in these rooms and you trying to do business, nobody cares what you’ve done on the streets.”

However, in his music, Jeezy raps about his experience with growing up around crime and past beefs he was involved in. 

During the interview, he described that his last time in prison made him realize that he wanted validation even though he had success as a rapper.

“I don’t need validation by what you consider to be real for me to be a real man,” Jeezy said.

Another rapper who grew up in street life included Lil Baby, who dropped a documentary highlighting his choice between rapping and the streets.

In other Jeezy news, the South Carolina rapper has also made major moves in his career as a businessman.

DaBaby Addresses Youth Gun Violence At Charlotte Concert And Funeral

In June, Charlotte rapper DaBaby held a free carnival in his city ahead of a concert for the children in the community.

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