Jeezy + Jeannie Mai Officially Tie The Knot

Celebrity couple Jeezy and Jeannie Mai have officially tied the knot. The popular TV host took to social media to break the news.

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Jeezy and Jeannie Mai Officially Tie The Knot

Mai went to Instagram with a dope wedding shot. She revealed they were officially wedded in her caption, dropping her new legal name.

“You will forever be my ‘I Do.’ Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins”

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Jeezy + Jeannie Mai officially get married.

Jeezy Celebrates Jeannie Mai’s Birthday

The Atlanta rapper really, really, really loves his now-wife. The hip-hop star went to his social media pages to acknowledge his at-the-time fiancée’s birthday back in January 2021. The Snowman went to his Instagram page and shared an epic-looking boo’d up shot with Mai. Jeezy takes things even further by dishing on just how special she is to him.

“Happy Birthday to My Queen, My partner in crime and grind, My rock and My best friend ? Everyday is your birthday as far I’m concerned ???”

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Jeezy celebrates Jeannie Mai’s birthday.

Celebrating His Birthday

In September 2020, Jeannie hit up her social media pages to celebrate Jeezy’s born day. Mai gushed over how much she loves him and vowed to make everyday special.

“Ooooh I get to celebrate these dance moves for the rest of my life ?? Happiest Birthday King. Let’s make every day feel like your born day ? Psst don’t kill me, I can’t keep this magic to myself ???” -Jeannie Mai’s Instagram

Mai’s mom went even further with a massive birthday shout-out.

“Today I celebrating my son. Not my son in law. Real son just not Asian. This video it my favorite day because no Jeannie? Just quality time with Jay. He fly from Atlanta all the way to Houston to visit the mother! Mama Mai learning his heart, his mind and what a specialty person he is!! He listen and he understand Mama Mai more than anybody!! ??????Today it his birthday!!! I celebrate You today Jay!!! You a wonderful man and We Love You!!!!” -Mama Mai’s Instagram

Jeannie Mai’s Pool Goals

Earlier in the year, the future Mrs. Snowman went to her Instagram page to playfully check some of her followers. The curvy entertainer joked about her fans not being up on throwback classic “Freek-a-Leek” by North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo.

“Some of you have never heard Freek-a-Leek by Petey Pablo and it really shows” -Jeannie Mai’s Instagram