Could PnB Rock’s Killer’s Motive Be More Than A Robbery?

The death of PnB Rock shocked the community. Speculation on how he died has sparked controversy across the internet. Just days before his death, the rapper repeatedly said he suspected he was being followed in Los Angeles. This leads to the question, could the killer’s motive be deeper than robbery?

PnB Rock

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The world is still mourning the death of PnB Rock.

Some fans and fellow celebrities are trying to wrap their heads around what led to the shooting. 

The gang culture in LA isn’t widely discussed, but many locals, especially high-profile artists, know the dangers of being out in the city. 

In a pre-recorded interview with DJ Akademiks, PnB talks about the moments he was in situations where he felt he was being followed.

During the interview, the rapper goes on to explain how he had to get his child and the mother to safety when he felt people in the store were being shady. 

He paints the picture as men who were gang-affiliated.

An interview clip was posted on Tik-Tok:


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Right now, police continue to search for the killer and hope his stolen chain will lead them to a suspect. The rapper who was shot and robbed at a Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles in South LA leaves fans wondering if the motive could be more than what meets the eye.


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15-year-old lyrics that depict an uncomfortable familiarity with recent events in PnB’s death were also rediscovered.

In The Game’s unreleased song titled “Murda,” he says:

“When you eat at Roscoe’s, watch out for the chain snatchers.” 

Where The Game refers to the exact location the Roscoe’s Rock was killed.


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LAPD announced on the day of the shooting that the suspect approached PNB at the table as he was eating and demanded his property before a brief exchange in which the individual began to open fire.

It is still no audio of the direct exchange.

Though the events leading up to the event could all just be a coincidence, it has fans raising an eyebrow, creating various theories.

PnB Rock Shot And Killed In L.A.

On September 12, 2022, PnB Rock was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles. 

Allegedly his girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang posted their location on Instagram.