Jamie Foxx’s Toxic Podcast Comment Sparks Larger Conversation; “Errrrrbody Don’t Need A Mic!”

Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to share his frustration with online podcasts. One of the few celebs who challenge the podcast industry, his comments sparked conversation over the spread of toxicity and inaccurate content across media platforms in the Black community.

Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx posted a PSA on his Instagram that read:

 “Just cuz they got a podcast… don’t make them a philosopher.”

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He captioned the post:

 “Errrrrbody don’t need a mic!”

Podcasts have become the epicenter of information in our rapidly growing digital world, allowing individuals to build their brands without the backing of networks or corporations. 

Although the podcast market has offered creatives, entrepreneurs, and listeners great knowledge, the spread of disinformation can do a great disservice to the Black community. 

For instance, the late image consultant and dating coach Kevin Samuels became infamous for giving Black women dating advice. Young women eager for relationship advice joined his podcast as Samuels provided direct feedback on their dating situations.

Samuels was known for being dismissive of Black women during his coaching sessions. He became controversial as listeners began questioning whether he intended to help or harm black women while profiting from their ordeals. 

Despite his online coaching profile, Kevin Samuels did not appear to be licensed, just like many other dating gurus who offer Black men and women “high value” dating advice. 

Joe Budden’s Problematic Comments

Most recently, Joe Budden was put on the hot seat after making questionable comments on his podcast.

The podcaster said he stages putting a condom on before enacting sexual encounters. 

However, the episode was removed from all platforms, but this was not Budden’s first time making disturbing and uninformed comments.

The former rapper used his large platform to come for Brent Faiyaz, claiming the R&B singer is not legitimately independent.  

In 2020, he admitted to “masturbating his dog” to release his pooch of sexual frustration. 

An angry Twitter fan reactedd to Budden’s cringe-worthy comment:

“Joe Budden has ADMITTED to checks notes physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and [email protected] still as a huge platform. So lets never say allegations ruin *a man’s life*”

Another user said: 

In addition, Budden’s scathing comments have been known to cause a reaction. Many fans believe his affirmation of Black men and women could become harmful to our community.

Black Artists Don’t Support Black Media?

Rapper and co-host of the Drink Champs podcast, Noreaga, voiced his frustration about Black artists, claiming they tend to “ignore” Black media platforms in favor of mainstream white-owned media.