Chloe Bailey Fires Back At Critics; Says She Supports Gunna “In Real Life”

Chloe Bailey tells fans why she has not posted anything about her rumored boyfriend Gunna since his incarceration.

Chloe Bailey x Gunna

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The “Surprise” songstress went on TikTok to tell speculating fans why she has not posted “Free Gunna” on her social media like Kim Kardashian did. 

Ms. Bailey shut critics down in an audio Twitter post, saying: 

“kiss my ass, I support in real life. Thank you.”


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Gunna and Chloe sparked dating rumors earlier this year after she appeared to be the only woman featured on the tracklist for Gunna’s album “Drip Season 4.”

The two were also spotted getting pretty cozy just months before the “Drip Too Hard” artist was indicted.

In addition, the songstress also shared that her upcoming single, “For the Night,” will be dedicated to the now-incarcerated rapper.

Chloe hopped on Twitter Spaces and told fans:

“Imma tell y’all a little secret about ‘For The Night,’” she began. “*deep breath* I might regret saying this, but hey, maybe it’ll help f*cking streams. I don’t even think he knows this! I wrote ‘For The Night’ about Gunna. Yep, I said it bitches. I said it. So, you know. Yep. I wrote that song after The Breakfast Club interview, I believe.” 

The Grown-ish star also urged fans to look out for the song to get the tea on the former lovebirds.

Meanwhile, Atlanta rapper Gunna is awaiting his January 2023 trial on RICO charges and is serving time until then.  

The Chloe Clap Back!

Chloe Bailey is not shy about telling haters what is on her mind. 

She recently took to Twitter to post a video to tease her single, “I Thought I Told Ya.”

While many fans were feeling the single, the critics sounded off, causing Chloe to give them a classy clap back.