Issa Rae Drops Trailer For New HBO Max Series “Rap Sh!T”

Miss Rae did not come to play! Earlier today, producer Issa Rae debuted the trailer for her new HBO Max series, “Rap Sh!t.”

Issa Rae

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Today, Issa Rae took to Instagram to announce her new show “Rap Sh!t” with a trailer to give fans a sneak peek.

The show will star Aida Osman, Jonica Booth, Emergency’s RJ Cyler, and Florida-based rapper Kamillion, and executive produced by Issa Rae.

“Rap Sh!t” will follow two old friends from high school, Shawna and Mia, as they attempt to blow up in the hip-hop game in Miami. 

Mia eventually decides that they should form a group. While Shawna (Osman) wants their flow and verses to be on point to attract listeners, Mia (Booth) is more interested in being provocative to make themselves known. 

The two differing views on achieving success come to a head as they meet up with another old friend who’s already somewhat in the game. 

As aspects of Mia start rubbing off on her, it’ll be up to Shawna to decide if rap music was the right calling for her. The series is set to debut on HBO Max on July 21st.

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Issa Goes Off On Black Music

Rae revealed her thoughts about working within the Black music industry for the upcoming show “Rap Shit.” She said the music industry is the “worst industry she’s come across.”

She recently told the Los Angeles Times about the struggles she encountered in her interactions with music execs while producing “Insecure.” 

According to her, the music industry is archaic and abusive. She stated, “I thought Hollywood was crazy. The music industry, it needs to start over.”