Is Soski Really The Best New Hip Hop Artist?

He raps, he dances and his style is immaculate! If you have a TikTok, Instagram or YouTube account; it’s a good chance that you’ve seen or heard Soski! Most known for his viral hit “Big Poppa”, a single that currently has over 1 million streams and over 200k YouTube views.

Soski hails from Chicago, a city that is known for tough streets and music that describes it all. Ironically Soski’s music is much different, he puts an electrifying flow over beats that could make a statue move! In his recent single “SSRT” Soski starts by rapping, “I just bought a brand new drop let’s go, I just made 10 then flipped 10 mo’, I ain’t even worried that shit on the flo’!” Like most of Soski’s music, “SSRT” is a feel good song that describes the luxurious life of Soski.

According to So, 2023 will be a big year for him; already it appears that way. So far this year he’s dropped four new singles and videos. Fans are already saying that Soski could be one of the greatest artists of this generation. This could either put pressure on Soski or elevate him to the top. However, I must say after hearing “Big Poppa”; I’m now a huge fan! For more, follow Soski on Instagram at @xsoski.

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