Is Outkast The Greatest Hip-Hop Duo Of All Time? Black Twitter Responds

Rich Coast Rican went on Twitter to ask commenters to compare 90’s Hip-Hop groups to Outkast and fans went haywire with their responses.


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Black Twitter went ham as cultural commentator Rich Coast Rican asked fans how they’d rank OutKast to other Hip-Hop groups. 

Fans compared Outkast to rap groups such as The LOX, Mob Deep, Gang Starr, and A Tribe Called Quest

One Twitter user said:

“Put The LOX GROUP album vs OUTKAST Group albums & it’s a WASH. Y’all be reaching on here & it’s hilarious. What’s the Lox best Group album, Money Power & Respect or We Are the Streets. OutKast first 3 Albums WASH both of them.. Easily..”

While another user says: 

“OutKast can’t fuck with Gang Starr nor A Tribe Called Quest Albums, never mind Wu-Tang, the Wu had the whole Asian Continent reciting every song Verbatim and they didn’t even know English, there’s levels to this Hip Hop shit, Wu are Icons”

Outkast has received over 40 awards, and 7 of those are Grammy’s, the culturally dynamic duo is said to be the greatest and unusual of their time. 

SOHH, fans, who is the greatest hip-hop duo of all time? 

The Original Hip-Hop

The originators of hip-hop are making a comeback. DJ Premiere’s Hip-Hop 50 Volume 1 was recently released with the new single “REMY RAP,” featuring Remy Ma & Rapsody. 

The project features an EP with five songs attributed to the 90s hip-hop music era.