Iconic: Kanye West and Drake’s Unity Concert Deads Past Beef & Signals New Hip-Hop Peace Movement

On a cold, soggy night in Los Angeles, rap legends Kanye and Drake came together to deliver the performance of a lifetime. The Free Larry Hoover benefit concert was one for the books and signaled the start of a new peace movement Hip-Hop hasn’t seen in decades.

Drake & Kanye

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Kanye West And Drake Leave It All On The Stage

The show opened up with a video showing a reenactment of Larry Hoover’s life narrated by Alice Marie Johnson. The purpose of the show was to raise awareness around prison and sentence reform.

Larry Hoover, who was co-founder of Black Gangsta Disciples, was sentenced to six life sentences for a gang-related murder done back in 1973.  Many, including Ye, believe the sentencing was harsh and excessive given the crime and that the 71-year-old has served more than enough time. 

Although the purpose of the show was to help Hoover, after the intro there was little to no attention brought back to him or the topic of prison reform. People were more focused on the performance and annoyed that it began so late.

The show began with Kanye’s infamous Sunday Service Choir. They performed multiple numbers including a cover of “Easy On Me” by Adele and Kanye’s classic’s “All Falls Down” and “Flashing Lights”. The angelic choir was the perfect intro to the dynamic duo’s concert. 

Kanye and Drake walked down towards the center of the massive coliseum stage side by side, symbolically leaving the years of beef and angst behind them.

Kanye performed first and unleashed his legendary catalog. Ye first performed Drake’s song “Find Your Love”. He played hit after hit and the crowd was going crazy singing along with him to the top of their lungs as smoke encapsulated the stage. 

After Ye primed the crowd for Drake, the Canadian rapper jumped on stage to perform, starting with a heart-warming performance of Kanye’s gospel song “24”. He followed that up with the best hits from his latest album “Certified Lover Boy,” performing “Way 2 Sexy,” and “Girls Want Girls.”   

All in all Kanye & Drake both won with this smashing success of a concert.  It was an amazing night for hip hop and the timeless classics in both of their discographies.  However, we have yet to see how this noble effort will create a tangible benefit to Larry Hoover or the prison reform cause.

Nevertheless, the fact that these two superstars were able to not only successfully call a truce but also pull off a massive benefit concert to support prison reform signals the beginnings of a new Hip-Hop peace movement the community so desperately needs today.