Hear Paper Paulk & Chase N. Cashe’s “Push The Button” [Audio]

With a new Stay Committed EP set to arrive Friday, October 27, Ohio’s own Paper Paulk comes through with his hard-hitting “Push The Button” anthem. Kick back and check it out below!

If there’s something you should know about Paper Paulk, it’s that he’s committed to Cleveland… and good hip-hop. And he’s ready to “Push the Button” on the game. Literally.

Over a blazing Chase N Cashe beat, listen as the no-holds-barred lyricist scorches what he’s coined as “Disney” rappers.

If you haven’t been bringing your A game, you’re sure to feel the heat on this one.

“I stand firm on truly representing Cleveland & where we come from in my music; a conscience eye behind our reality. Enough with the cartoons, it’s time to push buttons, Stay Committed.” — Paper Paulk

Paper Paulk’s Stay Committed EP, dropping this Friday, October 27.