Gunna Allegedly Chased Out Of A Mall For Being A “Snitch”

In a new video, rapper Gunna, also labeled as a “snitch” in the rap community, was allegedly seen power walking out of a mall with his entourage after fans took notice of him. Fans are heard yelling at him as he continues making his exit.

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Atlanta rapper Gunna has been out of jail since taking a plea deal due to the YSL RICO charges. In a newly released video, he is allegedly seen power walking out of a mall as fans follow along and yell at him.

This incident could stem from being labeled a “snitch” in the rap community.

The video does not show a clear view of Gunna’s face. Mall shoppers assumed the “Pushin P” rapper was among security or an entourage while fans began yelling and following him. Sources also allege he was seen by one of Young Thug’s brothers.

On Gunna’s Instagram story, he simply posted three laughing emojis after the video was released.

Stop Snitchin’

Since his release from jail, many in the rap community have called Gunna a “snitch” for taking a plea deal in his case. One rapper, in particular, to call him a snitch was trap music legend Boosie.

Another rapper called a “snitch” in the rap community was Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. He was released from jail in 2020 after being involved in a RICO case. 6ix9ine responded to snitch claims, saying he wasn’t a snitch due to members in his entourage “betraying him.”

Since his release, he has trolled many rappers, including Gunna, Lil Durk, and late Chicago rapper King Von.

Gunna Drops First Verse Since Jail Release With German Rapper; Is He Canceled?

Atlanta rap star Gunna released his first verse after his release from jail with German rapper Ufo361 in a song called “BODIES” in January.

Since his release, Gunna has not collaborated with any American rappers.