FX’s Snowfall Returns W/ Season 4

Fans of crime drama TV series “Snowfall” are really enjoying themselves right now. Season 4 of the gritty show has premiered and people believe it is better than ever.

Snowfall Season 4 Premieres

A brand new season premiered on FX this week and is available for streaming now. It highlights the crack epidemic spearheaded by the re-election of Ronald Reagan and focuses on drug kingpin Franklin Saint’s business as well as gang wars.

Actress Angela Lewis has dished on her Aunt Louie character and what fans can expect from her this season.

“Well, at the same time that she has more power and more influence over Franklin, and has demonstrated the ability to take the reins while Franklin has been out and injured – he’s back now. And so, we’re just watching to see how she is going to handle that. What is she gonna do? I think that’s been really fun.” (Digital Spy)

Season 4 Snowfall Details

Season 4 takes place in the spring of 1985. It focuses on the endeavors Franklin Saint, who is played by Hollywood actor Damson Idris, as he builds up his drug empire. Fans are excited regardless, as COVID-19 halted filming last year for several months. Idris recently spoke to Essence about his recent cinema successes.

“Thanks, Kev, for real, man. I am taking things one day at a time. I enjoy acting immensely and that is where my happiness is at. The fact that I am able to put all my energy into something I enjoy for the world to see, I believe that I am already winning. I was given some really great advice about dealing with all of this from a close friend. He said that he’s seen [people] come and go, stay in the light and fall out of it, too. His advice to me was that in order to be ready for longevity, you should be calm, take things slow, and enjoy all the moments as they come. So, that is what I’m doing, man — I’m just enjoying the moment.” (Essence)

HULU Streaming Every Snowfall Season Including Premiere

Recently, HULU announced it would have the first three seasons available for streaming. Late Hollywood icon John Singleton created the series with fellow executives Eric Amadio and Dave Andron.

Damson Idris Takes Over Spotify’s Taste Playlist

“Snowfall” star Damson Idris is living the dream. Not only is he the show’s leading role, but he also stars opposite of Marvel Studio‘s Falcon actor, Anthony Mackie, in the Netflix Original movie Outside The Wire. The 29-year old, London-born actor took to Instagram to share his Feb. 2021 Spotify Taste playlist as well as some personal insights about himself.