Eminem Saved Fat Joe’s Rap Career From Ending

New York rap veteran Fat Joe was ready to hang up his mic before fellow hip-hop heavyweight Eminem talked him out of retiring. That’s coming straight from Joey Crack himself, who credits Em with keeping his career going.

Fat Joe Was Done With Rapping

Fat Joe says he was “one million percent” finished with the rap game before Eminem told him he can’t walk away yet. Joe didn’t give a specific timeline, but it sounds like this all happened recently.

“Joe, you’re one of the last ones left. You’re making better music now than ever. You can’t retire. You can’t leave us.” (Eminem’s words to Fat Joe)

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Fat Joe Calls Eminem The GOAT

One interesting tidbit from that story is that while Fat Joe is telling it, he casually refers to Slim Shady as “The GOAT.” Eminem’s place in hip-hop history is often polarizing, but he’s gotten solid co-signs from hip-hop heavyweights like Fat Joe and Ty Dolla $ign, among many others.

“I have not done a song with Eminem yet. Which I would love to. He’s the GOAT for sure. … I always said like the only rapper that I think is better than Eminem is Slim Shady. So for sure it will happen. What’s up Em? Holla at me.”

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Fat Joe Is Excited For Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole

The Don Cartagena is going to be first in line when the Ashanti Verzuz Keyshia Cole starts streaming. He went to his Instagram page to salute Verzuz for putting together yet another epic showdown.

“Sis but sis 😂 it’s official it’s going down Big Big Big Verzuzzzzz @ashanti @keyshiacole” -Fat Joe’s Instagram

“The fact that you initiated it 😩Naw that’s love!! It’s a #CELEBRATION” -Keyshia Cole

Joey Crack Was Offered Millions To Fight 50 Cent

Joe came “this” close to knuckling up with his former rap foe 50 Cent for a few million. He revealed that years ago, there was lucrative interest in the Terror Squad boss fighting 50 at the height of their feud.

“I wouldn’t do it. When I had beef with 50 Cent, people were, like, fake offering me $10 million, $5 million, to go fight 50 one-on-one. I’m not scared of 50. I’d fight him for free half the time! But to get knocked out on TV, it’s tough.” (Fat Joe’s Instagram Live)