Eminem Announces New Album, “Curtain Calls 2”

Eminem is coming with a new album, which will be a sequel to his 2005 album, Curtain Call: The Hits.


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The real Slim Shady announced via Instagram that he will be releasing a new album titled Curtain Calls 2 on August 5th.

The new album is a sequel to his Curtain Calls: The Hits, released in 2005, which gave fans the old classics of the Detriot MC’s music.

The album will also include Eminem’s famous songs and tracks he featured in. Fans will also be getting new tracks such as “From The D To The LBC” featuring Snoop Dogg and “The King and I” with Cee-Lo Green.

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The Eminem Show (Extended Version)

There are definite things in the world: death, tax, and a decent album from Eminem

The OG pulled a Back to the Future in May, giving us an extended version of his 3rd album for the ages: The Eminem Show. 

It’s been 20 years since this album dropped, with unreleased songs and instrumentals.