Ne-Yo Reveals Why He Never Signed Lucky Daye To His Label

R&B legend Ne-Yo recently revealed in an interview why he never got around to signing up-and-coming R&B singer Lucky Daye.


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In an interview with FAQ Podcast, Ne-Yo got real candid with the host. 

During the show, one of the hosts asked the “Closer” singer why he never got around to signing Lucky Daye

During that time, Daye was going by his real name David Brown and helped the R&B icon write some of his most popular hits. 

“I was trying to sign him, we were in the studio together the whole nine. I was really digging his voice and his energy, the remix to Miss Independent with me, and Jamie Foxx and Fab.. Jamie Foxx’s verse, Lucky Daye wrote that verse because it was supposed to be him. We were going to do the joint together, this was when I was going to sign him, but some things happened.”

Proceeding to tell a story in laughter, the “Miss Independent” singer continued to share how he allowed Lucky to stay in his home while on tour. 

However, when he returned, Ne-Yo was in for a great surprise as he found the “Over” singer in his bed with a woman after specifically telling him to stay out of the master bedroom.

“I was going out of town and I let Mr. Daye stay at my house. At this point I have a big beautiful house. And I’m like bruh you have full range of the crib where ever you want to go, whatever you want to do, just don’t go in my room. I come back one morning, open the door and see this dude  nowhere. I go upstairs to my room and sure enough he’s  sleeping, in my room, in my bed, with a chick.” 

Ten years later, the Grammy award-winning singer explains how he is happy for Lucky’s newfound career. He is no longer upset at what happened.

Ne-Yo On His Latest Album “Self-Explanatory,” Maintaining Relevance In The Industry, And More

R&B singer Ne-Yo, responsible for such classics as “Closer,” “Because of You,” and “Miss Independent,” recently chopped it up with SOHH at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

During a chat with SOHH, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ne-Yo shared that he was solely at the event to promote his latest album, “Self-Explanatory.” 

Set to drop on July 15th, he wasn’t too quick to share all the details on the new project.