Dr. Dre Gets More Bad Press Amid Divorce: ‘Notorious Woman Beater’

West Coast rap icon Dr. Dre is still recovering from a brain aneurysm on top of going through a messy divorce, and now things are getting worse. Shortly after Dre’s estranged wife Nicole Young made claims of abuse against him, comedian Luenell called the hip-hop mogul a “notorious woman beater.”

Luenell Calls Out Dr. Dre’s Track Record

In a new interview, veteran comedian/actress Luenell says Dr. Dre is a “notorious woman beater,” referencing the disturbing allegations by Nicole Young (which he denies) and the incident when he admittedly assaulted VJ Dee Barnes. R&B singer Michel’le has also accused Dre of domestic abuse.

“Now, one would say, does Dre get a pass for being such a notorious woman beater ’cause he makes good music? One would say that some people ain’t gonna be praying for Dr. Dre. A lot of women, but you can get a pass, it seems, if you’re popular. He a notorious woman beater.”

Nicole Young’s Domestic Violence Claims Against Dr. Dre

The former NWA member’s soon-to-be ex-wife alleges the legendary producer was violently abusive during their marriage. The worst of Nicole Young’s claims include Dre holding a gun to her head, punching her in the face and attempting to choke her.

Five months after filing for divorce, Nicole, 51, alleges that Dre (né Andre Young) “held a gun to my head” twice in 2000 and 2001, that he “punched me in the head/face” in 1999 and 200 and that he “kicked down a door” while she hid “from his rage” in 2016, among other instances of abuse. “Andre has verbally and emotionally decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome,” she said in the documents, filed to the Superior Court of California. (People)

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Dre Also Accused Of Abuse By Michel’le

The allegations by Nicole Young sound very similar to what his former fiancee, Michel’le, accused the Doc of doing to her during their relationship. Michel’le’s story was told in a 2016 Lifetime movie called Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le.

$2 Million Agreement In Divorce Case

He’s agreed to pay $2 million total in spousal support to Nicole Young, although she’s reportedly seeking the same amount monthly.

According to legal documents, the legendary rapper and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, have agreed she should be given the money to pay for living expenses for the next few months. The couple’s divorce was just heard in an L.A. courtroom with each side being represented by their respective lawyers, and the hearing was continued to allow Dre to recover from his medical condition. (The Blast)