DaniLeigh Reveals Her New Look After DaBaby Split

R&B star DaniLeigh is looking a lot different these days. The popular crooner has come forward to reveal her revamped look following a publicized split from hip-hop boyfriend DaBaby.

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DaniLeigh Reveals Her New Hairstyle

DL went to her Instagram page with a slew of new pics. The selfies feature her posing with all-black hair and no longer donning a blonde look.

“He gon hit me after I post these ?”

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DaniLeigh reveals her new look.

DaniLeigh Addresses DaBaby Breakup

Earlier in the week, DaniLeigh took to Twitter with her thoughts on the DaBaby split. DL said she couldn’t wait for her name to be separated from the situation and vowed to grow from her relationship with the North Carolina rapper.

“Can’t wait to be disconnected to that situation…. ??? in due time … ?? we all human.. we all make mistakes when we in love and dumb.. but it’s all about growing fr .. so I’ll take my lessons and keep goin .. even with all the hate I receive it’s fine… in due time ??”

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DaniLeigh’s Post-Breakup Bedroom Pics

DaniLeigh didn’t let a little heartbreak keep her head down. Instead, the curvy crooner recently came forward to bless fans with some steamy new bedroom pics of herself flexing pure beauty. DL went to her Instagram page and didn’t hold back on blowing the Internet away. Leigh shared a batch of fresh shots of herself wearing pajama shorts with a tight-fitting top.

“Jus in case u need a new wallpaper ?”

DaBreakup Announced

Earlier in February 2021, Dani went to her Instagram page to break the news to shocked fans. Without providing any context, Leigh informed the entire world she’s no longer romantically linked to anyone.

“Officially single.”

Coincidentally, the announcement comes after DaBaby went to his Instagram page to share a steamy clip of vixen India Love slaying his overnight “Masterpiece Challenge.” Baby made things more cringe by offering to go out on a date by the best reenactment.

“This Tik Tok is a #Masterpiece ? @indialove ? Morning, Best re-enactment of this Tik Tok gets flown out for a date w/ Baby on Valentine’s Day.❤️? #MASTERPIECECHALLENGE Choosing the winner Friday, February 12th. Starting now.. GO❗️”