DaBaby’s Dealing W/ ‘Wockesha’ In His Own Way

North Carolina rapper DaBaby is doing the opposite of staying inside these days. The hip-hop superstar is way too turnt to slow down and keeping the new music going with his must-see “Wockesha” freestyle video.


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DaBaby’s Dealing W/ ‘Wockesha’ In His Own Way

The rap heavyweight has refused to slow down and delivers with his latest freestyle visual. Instead of sharing footage of himself touring or performing at concerts, Baby goes the solo route in his new visual.

His bars hit super hard with promises of greatness continuing and warning anyone trying to come after his spot. He also saves a few words for how he has women bowing to his stardom.

The video comes just a day after DaBaby dropped his “Essence” music video freestyle.

DaBaby “Eagerly” Meets Up With HIV Awareness Groups

Earlier in the week, the Charlotte native appeared to show signs of learning from his mistakes. The controversial crooner reportedly linked up with HIV awareness groups to help right his wrongs.

Baby teamed up with nine organizations to learn about HIV following his Rolling Loud comments. His original remarks landed him in hot water, costing him festival performances, got him removed from Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” hit on Billboard, and more. DaBaby further apologized and learned from the “meaningful dialogue” that he “eagerly participated” in.

According to the orgs … he was much different in the meeting — “genuinely engaged” they say. The rapper apologized for what he called his inaccurate and hurtful comments about HIV and the impact it had on black and LGBTQ+ communities. Marnina Miller of the Southern AIDS Coalition says DaBaby’s willingness to attend the meeting and learn and grow from his experience could set a positive example. Other orgs at the meeting included the Black AIDS Institute, GLAAD, Positive Women’s Network and Transinclusive Group. (TMZ)

DaBaby’s ‘Whole Lotta Money’ Freestyle Blows Up

No matter what went down, North Carolina rapper was feeling no pressure. Instead, he kept his energy in music-making and – as a result – his newly released “Whole Lotta Money” freestyle has completely blown up.

Since dropping to the masses last week, Baby has continued to reap the benefits of putting out a stunning visual with it sitting at the No. 2 trending video on YouTube at one point. The must-see freestyle video is packed with eye-opening sequences.

There are splashes from his Hot 97 Summer Jam August 2021 performance in New Jersey and priceless footage of him turning up indoors. It doesn’t end there as Baby’s video also shows him hyping himself up inside vehicles and on an actual city street.

DaBaby Removed From Hit Song On Billboard Charts

Aside from the video success, the Charlotte rapper is facing the consequences of his actions. He’s no longer credited on one of his hit collaboration tracks.

In light of his recent Rolling Loud comments, DaBaby is no longer credited on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for “Levitating” with pop star Dua Lipa. Their remix has been in the Hot 100 for months, most recently at #6, but Baby is no longer listed on the chart. It’s unsure if this was a move by Lipa or Billboard, but he will not get any more chart weeks for that song.