Cordae Announces New Album “The Lost Boy”

Cordae announced that he’s been working on a follow-up album to From A Birds Eye View.


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Cordae took to Twitter to share that he is currently working on a new album, The Lost Boy, which follows after his sophomore album, From A Birds Eye View:

“Yo so I just drove on a little four-hour road trip and listened to both albums front to back”.

“Fuck I must say it’s most definitely The Lost Boy > FABEV lmao. My bad ya’ll I’m going to do better next time, I got something to prove.”Cordae also announced the From a Birds Eye View tour where it will touch down in Europe and United Kingdom countries.

Cordae Promises More Music Is Coming

In April, Cordae had already announced more music is on the way to improve beyond his last album From a Birds Eye View.

The DMV rapper posted big hints on his Instagram story on possibly making new music again this year.  

The messages were perceived by fans as him dropping another project later on this year after dropping From A Bird’s Eye View this past January. 

FABEV came in hot with Cordae working the album on radio, TV, and shows, but sales still fell short of expectations.