Cordae and Mysonne Join Hot 97’s Virtual Town Hall To Discuss 2020 Election

New York radio station Hot 97 knows the importance of voting in the presidential election. The iconic channel has announced a virtual town hall centered on the 2020 face-off and providing details about when and how to vote.

Hot 97 Announces Virtual Town Hall

The station’s popular personality and music director TT Torrez is set to host the event Wednesday evening. She’s welcoming artists, activists, and political leaders to discuss the 2020 election and give audience pertinent information on when and how to vote.

Panelists include rap star Cordae, Two-Time Grammy Award Nominated Artist, Karine Jean-Pierre, Chief of Staff to Senator Harris and Senior Advisor to the Biden-Harris Campaign, Mysonne, “Raptivist” Rapper/Activist and Co-Founder of UntilFreedom, Stephanie L. Young, Chief Officer for Culture, Communications & Media Partnerships at When We All Vote, Tezlyn Figaro, Political analyst & Host of “Straight Shot No Chaser” podcast, Vanessa L. Gibson, New York City Council Member and Alain Berrouet – Political & Digital Marketing Strategist. It’s set to go down Wednesday, September 23rd 7:00pm-8:00PM EST and streamed live on HOT 97’s YouTube Channel.

Ice Cube Speaks Out

Recently, West Coast rap veteran Ice Cube went to Instagram and asked his followers to consider what’s in the Democratic National Convention and electing Joe Biden into the presidency for Black voters.

“A lot of people getting up there talking and everybody really eating it up, throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care — but what I didn’t hear was, ‘What’s in it for us?’What’s in it for the Black community?’ Besides the same old thing we’ve been getting from these parties. What’s in it for us, for real? … I didn’t hear anybody mention a contract with Black America — and I don’t know why because it’s one of the most comprehensive reform documents that’s come about in a long time that could really address the problem. But the way it looks, they don’t have a plan.”

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But what’s in it for us?

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Ice Cube speaks out about his DNC issues.

Cube took things even further and asked followers to consider the idea of President Donald Trump losing the presidential election.

“But if you get Trump out then now what? What do we get in the first 100 days? That’s what we’re trying to figure out, what do we actually get — things they could get just like that, overnight. They just pulled $3 trillion out their a** and gave it to their friends. That’s American taxpayer money. That’s your money that they just gave away. … Where’s our f***ing bailout? Where’s the bailout? Not the PPP loan that they didn’t give us, where’s the bailout? I don’t want to hear about deficit, I don’t want to hear about what our generations going to have to pay — if we don’t have s**t, they ain’t going to have anything to pay nothing.”

The DNC featured a handful of prominent Democratic congressional leaders including Joe Biden and his Vice President running mate Kamala Harris.

Kanye West Sizes Up Kamala Harris

In mid-August 2020, presidential candidate hopeful Kanye West hit up Twitter to publicly share his thoughts on Kamala Harris joining the race. In addition to dishing on his excitement in running against her, Yeezy said his late mother Donda West and Kamala would have been friends.

“I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee ?? … all love and respect from the future president ? It’s an honor to run against you” -Kanye West’s Twitter

Kanye West welcomes Kamala Harris to the presidential race.

50 Cent Observes

In August 2020, rap star 50 Cent went to Instagram with some screenshots showing mailboxes getting taken off streets. Fif said this is proof the presidential election is going to be a memorable one.

“?Now this is how you f*ck up a election. ??‍♂️the worlds over. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“.. this is nuts ! ?” -Cuban Link

50 Cent’s election concerns are beyond valid.