Coi Leray Says Women Should Maintain Their BBL By Hitting The Gym

The girls who get BBLs usually don’t maintain their bodies after surgery, at least, that’s what Coi Leray says. In a recent interview, she gave a few words of advice for women who went under the knife.

Coi Leray

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In an interview with podcasters from Million Dollaz Worth of Game, New Jersey artist Coi Leray says the BBL baddies should maintain their bodies after surgery.

She continued to explain that some of her friends with BBLs rather another trip to the surgeon over going to the gym to keep the new look.

Additionally, Coi, who goes to the gym herself, suggests a gym membership and a good workout routine to maintain the “baddie” look.

“I’m not against getting your body done, just be healthy with it,” said Coi.


Get in the gym and maintain

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Coi, who has had many people comment on her petite frame in the past, says she doesn’t have the “guts” to go under the knife. 

Like some other celebrities, Coi thinks the natural way of maintaining the “baddie” look starts on the treadmill.

Vegan rapper NLE Choppa has even put a natural herbal “BBL” remedy for women to avoid surgery.

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