Coca-Cola Asks Employees To Be ‘Less White’

In a risky attempt at promoting anti-racism, Coca-Cola is under fire in the final days of Black History Month for an corporate training seminar that suggested employees “try to be less White.”

‘Try To Be Less White’ Training Draws Criticism

Aiming to address racial discrimination in the workplace, food industry giant Coca-Cola made a huge misstep. Their diversity training section about being “less White” included tips for employees like, “be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be more humble, listen, believe, break with apathy,” and to understand “what it means to be White, challenging what it means to be racist.”

#CocaCola tried to promote anti-racism and wound up being accused of racism, turning #BeLessWhite into a thing.

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Company Facing Boycotts + Backlash While Also Being Praised

The Internet is divided on the issue. Some credit Coca-Cola for having the awareness and guts to recognize the culture of White supremacy and try to take it down; others are ripping the company for targeting and essentially profiling White people.

Is #CandaceOwens right about the Coca-Cola #BeLessWhite issue? Or did the polarizing political pundit get properly checked here?

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Meek Mill Calls US Most Racist Country

During the January 2021 Washington, DC riots, Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill was fed up. The hip-hop veteran went to his social media pages to rip apart the United States and called the nation an unbelievably racist country.

“??? might be the most racist country in the world …..lost hope seeing this today!!!!!! We about to take some 757’s to Africa give America a break!”

Hip-Hop Reacts To Pro-Trump Mobs

Initially, rap star 50 Cent went to his Instagram page to speak up on the U.S. Capitol invasion. 50 compared the lack of security to how well-prepared and over-the-top Washington law enforcement dealt with past Black Lives Matter protestors.

“?i don’t have to say anything else.”

Meek Mill also went to his social media pages to speak on the situation and compared it how to Black people would be treated if the tables were turned.

“2 americas! They would of shot us down literally if this was blacks by the way…” -Meek Mill