Chance The Rapper Hitting The Studio W/ Music Icon To Help People “Desperately In Need”

Chicago’s Chance The Rapper is putting his good works into his music, which has created a collaboration with a legend in the R&B/soul genre. Chance and Dionne Warwick will be making a song together inspired in part by his nonprofit organization.

Chance The Rapper + Dionne The Singer

The song is called “Nothing’s Impossible,” inspired by a youth-empowerment organization Chance The Rapper founded called SocialWorks, and Hunger: Not Impossible, a service for children suffering from hunger. Veteran singer Dionne Warwick says she and Chance will be in the studio soon to put the track together for charity.

“Chance and I will be getting in the studio very, very soon, and it’s going to be a pleasure working with him. … We’re going to try to do some wonderful things for people that are desperately in need.”

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Chance The Rapper Sued By Ex-Manager

Chance might have found himself in some legal trouble, but not for reasons anybody would expect. New reports claim his former manager is lawyering up against him over his firing.

Corcoran was fired as Chance’s manager in April 2020 after a working relationship that began in 2012 and spanned three acclaimed solo mixtapes and a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Corcoran’s suit details the circumstances surrounding the creation and release of Chance’s 2019 debut album The Big Day. The suit claims that Chance did not consult Corcoran before announcing in February 2019 that he would release his debut album in the summer of that year. Corcoran advised against this timeline, reportedly pointing to the fact that the album had not yet been recorded, and said the planning of Chance’s then-impending marriage would be a possible impediment to the album’s creation. (FADER)

Chance The Rapper’s Bad Studio Sessions

Corcoran also cited Chance’s studio time. He claimed they were “unproductive and undisciplined” and bashed the album’s quality overall.

The suit also claims that recording sessions for The Big Day were “unproductive and undisciplined,” with the album itself being a “freestyle-driven product of sub-part quality.” Corcoran’s suit says that the tour behind The Big Day was postponed and eventually canceled due to “low ticket sales and poor attendance projections.”

Family Brought Up

Family also got brought into the lawsuit. His brother and fellow rapper Taylor Bennett was cited as having interfered and contributed to the firing of Corcoran.

“Chance’s father and brother, Ken and Taylor Bennett, are accused of interfering in Chance’s business affairs and “slowly erod[ing Chance’s] confidence in Corcoran.” Ken and Taylor Bennet pushed for Chance to promote The Big Day on multiple talk shows, the suit says, while Corcoran urged Chance to “step away from the public and regroup.” The resulting appearances did not boost the project, the suit says, but “served only to exacerbate the failure of The Big Day.